Farm Direct has his own hydroponic farms and retail shops in Hong Kong.  
We are trying to make a difference by supporting local food production.
We care about food nutrition, food safety and seed-to-table transparency.

Our team has traveled around the world learning about prevention and practices
that utilize the best available science to tackle our food safety concerns.

We operate our farms using seeds that are not genetically modified
and without the use of any harmful chemicals
providing assurance of safety to our customers.

Our water source is filtered at 3 levels using state-of-the-art
UV filtration technology and is inspected regularly
to ensure purity in order to best irrigate our crops.

We then regulate and optimize the natural minerals in the water
required for each stage of plant growth.
Great care is taken at this step as each species of plant requires different
amounts of nutrients to optimize growth and nutritional content.

We are supporting local agriculture and reducing transportation costs & pollution.

Crops are grown to maturity to capture the full nutrients,
natural flavor and fresh taste for your enjoyment.

We harvest daily and routinely test for over 400 harmful chemicals
including pesticides ensuring the safety of the produce.